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You’re here! I’m so glad. I hope you’ll find something in these pages that makes you feel seen or empowered or validated… or, at the very least, like you’re not all alone.

So before you commit to reading, I owe you transparency about who I am. I’m a writer, coffee drinker (and yes, it’s a critical component of my identity), mama, empath, friend, and lover of all the stories.

This is one of my happiest places – the only one that’s wholly mine. So, it’s curated to be a safe space, filled with compassion and inclusivity and radical love… because you’re worth all of those things.

I so deeply believe in magic – both the magic of ordinary days and the magic of our wildest collective imagination. I believe in the messiness of self-discovery and in the beautiful chaos that comes from the insistence on feeling alive. And maybe more than anything, I believe we owe something to each other… like care and connection and the promise to walk each other home.

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