Meet Cass

About the Blog

Welcome! Call me Cass. I’m so happy you’re here.

Please, grab a drink and get comfortable. I hope you’ll read, settle in, and feel at home here. Here’s my story.

I didn’t plan to be a blogger; I’ve actually always loved writing fiction. But when I started writing personal articles, I discovered something I didn’t expect.

Genuine connection. What a concept!

Human connection is so important, and it’s not always easy to find in the world today.

So I want to connect with you on some of the things that matter most to me… things like motherhood and marriage, mental health, friendship, and personal reflection. I want to be authentic with you, too. Life isn’t always pretty.

I think we’re all just seeking some joy in the storm, and I want you to know you’re not alone.

The stories we tell each other can be powerful and life-giving, especially when they bring us together. I’m thankful that I get to share pieces of my story… and I hope I’ll get to hear some of yours. (Join the conversation on Facebook!) Most importantly, it’s on my heart to shower others with love and support. I genuinely hope you’ll feel that encouragement here. This space is safe, affirming, and inclusive, first and foremost.

My work has been featured with Her View From Home, Scary Mommy, Love What Matters, Today Parents, and more.

Still Curious?

My truest loves are my children (ages 6 and 4), my husband, family, friendships, and Jesus. Coffee, Thai food, and a gorgeous landscape all follow closely behind.

My husband works full-time in nuclear power. We also own a very small self-proprietorship, installing commercial playground equipment. When it comes to our business (to loosely quote from one of the best movies of all time, Best in Show): “I like to think we work as a team…although I do nothing.”

Of course, my fledgling writing career keeps me super busy, as do our sour patch kids. (Yes, they might be a little sour, but they’re mostly delicious and sugary sweet.) Jasper is 6. He’s wild and creative and so full of life. Lakeleigh (Lake) is 4. She’s compassionate, headstrong, and ready to change the world.

Favorite places include NYC, the Virgin Islands, Baja, Istanbul, Rome, Mykonos, and Athens. On my bucket list: the Holy Land, Paris, Iceland, and Ireland. I’m thankful that my husband loves to travel, too. I was living in Tulsa and planning a move to Turkey when I met my homegrown guy. He derailed my plans in the very best way, and I relocated back to my home state, where we live today.

When I’m not writing about my own life, I’m scribbling out and revising the latest drafts of my books. An aspiring author, I’m close to completing a fantasy fiction novel, which is my biggest project and grandest dream. I expect to complete it this year. I also have a children’s book almost ready for agent queries. My final project is a lovely series for children, which is actually written just as much (or more) for the adults who love them. My illustrator and I are selling the first book in the Dream Chaser series on Amazon.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I’d love for you to join me on Facebook and Instagram.