I’m Just A Girl Who Is Searching For Peace

I’m just a girl who is looking for her peace.

At this point in my life, I expect the peace to live my life fully ME. To love who I am, both inside and out, and to accept and appreciate my one-of-a-kind blueprint… even when. Even when I’m not on my low end of the scale. Even when I’m lacking in energy or mental strength. Even when my hair keeps graying and my skin inevitably keeps wrinkling. “Even when” whatever.

I’m just a girl who is looking for the magic.

I want to see the magic in the ordinary days — from chaotic mornings to after school pick-up to late nights of cleaning the mess. I want to see the magic that lives in simply doing work that matters to me — all of it. Career and volunteer and mostly the raising of babies. I want to see the magic in bedtime stories and kisses and hugs… and in every single “I love you.”

I’m just a girl who’s looking for her joy.

I want the joy that comes from contentment with all that IS. I want to live a life unhurried and unafraid — to really FEEL the warmth of the sun on my face and the wind as it tangles my hair. I want to hear music or the laughter of children and just start dancing because I’m ALIVE. I want to make decisions based on possibility. I want to take the road less traveled and make the most of every day.

You know… in some ways, I think I’m just a girl who wants to live a BOLDLY normal life.

I want to find peace and joy and magic within. I want to proudly own this journey that only I will live. To love who I am and who I hold close. And to show the same kind of love, care, and compassion to others. To make the world even just a tiny bit better, if I can. To do a little bit of good.

This, to me, sounds like the most beautiful kind of life… even if I never do anything the world will call “important.”

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