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Like the Stars

You will explode with a burst of light.
And streak through the inky sky.
Lighting up the darkest night…
Granting wishes with your sparkle.

Like stars are meant to do.

You’ll thrash and crash when it’s storming.
And retreat, settle, and calm in the ebb.
With vibrant hues and endless depths…
Filling oceans with your wonder.

Like the waves are meant to do.

You’ll whip and dance all around us.
Sometimes playful, sometimes wild.
Your direction twisting, your passion tumbling…
Your spirit blazing trails, whistling a tune so joyfully.

Like the wind is made to do.

Your light will burn and flicker.
And when snuffed out, you’ll spark again (and again).
You’ll crack sometimes, and pop, and glow…
Your flame toasting all the cold outside.

Like fire is made to do.

You’ll be buried in the deepest dark.
But — watered, nurtured — you’ll sprout and grow.
With color so complex and vivid…
Turning toward the sun, shoulders back firmly against the elements…you will blossom.

Like flowers are meant to do.

You won’t be able to tame your heart or quell your dreams; your pieces will collide and erupt.
You’ll take your place among all that’s majestic.
Sometimes glamorous, sometimes rough, always solid…
Pushing Earth closer to Heaven.

Like mountains are made to do.

You will soar through the sky so sweetly.
Singing your song over the sunrise.
Sometimes with others beside you…but many times, you’ll have to fly alone…
Watching the world with warrior-focused eyes.

Like birds are made to do.

You’ll find, one day down the road, that all of the energy — in all that exists — is actually love in disguise.
It sets the world in motion and propels the universe forward.
Even when we do our best to stop it, to break it…
It just keeps going.

Like love is meant to do.

You’ll recognize love as the tapestry through which all things come together.
You’ll see that love is God, and God is love.
You’ll know that you are a requisite, beautiful part of his intricate design.
If you’re open, you’ll begin to feel how we’re all connected and intertwined through that love.

And as soon as you feel that, you’ll dream of the day the earthly barriers will be knocked down, when you’ll be laced through all of creation — and all of creation will be woven into you. Every star and every mountain…every heart and every soul.

And that’s exactly what you’re made for.

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