Meet Cassie

In a few words…

Neurotic. In love with family and friends. Christmas junkie. Cliche coffee drinker. Jesus enthusiast. Reader of all the things. Passionate progressive. Seeker of wonder and magic. Inquisitive. Compassionate. Genuine. Probably absurd. (Hopeful) cultivator of kindness.


Tiny feet and little giggles, waking up at 3 am to drive to the airport, the full two months of Christmas season, friendship, fantasy fiction, picnics, family, gorgeous landscapes, musical theater, Jesus, books (the old-fashioned, hold-in-your-hand kind), the past, the ocean, and giant mugs of coffee.


Cassie Gottula Shaw was raised in a small town in the beautiful, big-hearted state of Nebraska. After graduating, she spent a decade wandering, traveling, working, learning, growing, asking questions, and seeking joy. Eventually, Cassie landed back in her beloved home state, where she and her husband decided to settle down and raise a family.

While working on a master’s degree in creative arts (literature emphasis), Cassie was strongly encouraged to put other goals aside and concentrate on writing. Still, though, she opted to focus on more “practical, realistic” opportunities.  After working for several years in the business world, Cassie became disillusioned with the things we deem logical. Though it meant starting over in a new field, Cassie sought opportunities in higher education, about which she was passionate. She was blessed and thrilled to spend a few years working in collegiate recruitment and retention, before embarking on a longtime dream of teaching college literature and composition classes. Still, though, writing called. And finally, five years into teaching others how to write, it was time to answer that call. Today, Cassie is focused strictly on her writing, her family, and her opportunities to serve others.

In the early mornings, you can find Cassie on her back deck, coffee in hand as she watches the sun rise over the fields, reading and writing in the quiet hours before little feet come searching. She works on her novel and children’s stories several days each week. The rest of the time, she’s running from dinosaurs, digging in the mud, cleaning up spilled everything, exploring new projects to add to the DIY list (more to her husband’s list than her own), reading again, dreaming about the next adventure or destination, watching kids’ movies (shout out to the kiddos for indulging in the ’80s and ’90s movie magic), snuggling and smooching her littles, praying, volunteering, fighting for a more loving world, and catching up on must-see TV.