Welcome! I’m Cassie Gottula Shaw, and I’m writing to you from the house on a hill, in the sweet Nebraska countryside. My hope is to connect with you on some of the things that matter most…things like mamahood, wife life, faith, dreams, and heartaches. I think we’re all just seeking some joy in the storm, and I want you to know you’re not alone on your journey.

Blogging here gives me the sense of companionship and human connection that can sometimes be lacking in today’s world, and it’s an incredible blessing. The stories we tell each other can be powerful and life-giving, especially when they bring us together. I’m thankful that I get to share pieces of my story…and that I get to hear yours. Most importantly, it’s on my heart to shower others with love and support. I genuinely hope you’ll feel that encouragement on this page.

To this point, some of my posts have been featured on major sites and pages, including Her View From Home, ScaryMommy, Love What Matters, and Untold Stories.

About the Author

First, call me Cass. (We’re friends, right? I hope so.)

My TRUEST loves are my husband, my babies, Jesus, my family, and my friends. Coffee, Thai food, and the view from my back deck all trail behind pretty closely, though.

My husband works full-time in nuclear power. We also own a small business, installing commercial playground equipment. When it comes to our business (to loosely quote from one of the best movies of all time, Best in Show): “I like to think we work as a team…although I do nothing.”

Of course, my fledgling writing career keeps me super busy, as do our sour patch kids. (Yeah, they might be a little sour, but they’re mostly delicious and sugary sweet.) Jasper is 4, and he’s full of energy and spunk. Lakeleigh (Lake) is 2. She’s compassionate, headstrong, and ready to conquer the world.

I was born and raised in small-town Nebraska. I have the spirit of a wanderer, though, so I’ve moved all over (east coast, Kansas City, Tulsa, various towns/cities in my home state). I also LOVE to travel. Favorite places include NYC, the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas and St. Maarten are probably my top-choice island destinations), Baja, Istanbul, Rome, Mykonos, and Athens. On my bucket list: the Holy Land, Paris, Iceland, and Ireland. I’m thankful that my husband loves to travel, too. I was living in Tulsa and planning a move to Turkey when I met my homegrown guy. He derailed my plans in the very best way, and I relocated back in Nebraska, where we live today. But…he hasn’t exactly tamed my spirit. I don’t know if I’ll ever say that we’ve officially “ended up” anywhere. Adventure always awaits. Yet, we love our home with every part of us.

When I’m not writing about my own life, I’m scribbling out and revising the latest drafts of my books. An aspiring author, I’m close to completing a YA fantasy fiction novel, which is my biggest project and grandest dream. I expect to complete final edits this summer (2020). I also have a children’s book ready for agent queries, just as soon as I find the courage to test it on my toughest critics…my own children. My final project is a lovely series for children, which is actually written just as much (or more) for the adults who love them. I’ve been working hard with a friend and illustrator on the first selection in this series, and we’re super excited to see this one on shelves in 2020. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s such a blessing to have you here. I’d love for you to join me on Facebook (From the House on a Hill with Cassie Gottula Shaw), Instagram (Cassie Gottula Shaw), and my author website (cassiegottulashaw.com).