Your Wild Child Is Spectacular.

It’s Not Easy To Raise The Wild Child, But The Challenges Are Worth It. Here’s Why.

It ain’t easy to raise the wild child.

It’s a battle, and it’s exhausting, and it’s a lot like climbing a magical mountain that grows with every gain.

He struggles with listening and impulse control. His hands and his play are extra rough, and because his body is seeking that sensory experience, his still-developing mind doesn’t understand why it needs to be gentler. Talking sounds like shouting, and he insists on making noise. (Sound effects are constant.) You often leave the room to escape your own overstimulation. And there have definitely been days where you’ve locked yourself in the bathroom to have a good cry on your own.

But your wild child is spectacular. You’ve known it from the start.

He’s sensitive and loving, and his heart is pure and good. He’s bright, and he’s brilliant, and he’s beautifully unique. Give people time, and they will see it. He has so much to teach the world.

So trust yourself and your instincts. Your spirit, your fight, your advocacy, your nurturing heart, and your love will pave the way for this amazing little human to brave battles with you, without you, for you, against you… while learning and growing and becoming the whole time.

Soon, you’ll discover why this child was born to be so bold. It’s because of this character trait that you’ll one day have a teenager, a young adult, a full-fledged grown-up out there, splashing and thrashing to create these massive waves where once there were only calm waters.

The world is desperate for wave-makers. Waves make people move, and that’s what impacts systemic change.

And after the waves come the ripples… and the ripples keep moving us forward.

Do you see it yet? That kid of yours will change the world in ways you can’t imagine. Maybe in ways you’ll never see.

Just know that it’s okay to admit when it’s hard. It’s okay to wish that it wasn’t. It’s okay to not be thankful for the challenge every day.

It sure isn’t easy. But your wild child will be someone truly amazing.

And already is.

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