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The Laundry List

It was a long day, and there was a lot to do. Dishes in the sink, messes to pick up, dust that had settled three months ago, a laptop to pretend to work on for 15 minutes before being distracted by other things, and laundry.

So much laundry.

My little girl occasionally turned her attention to me, chattering away, asking me to play.

It’s not that I was too busy to focus on her. It’s just that I was being intentional about letting her do her own thing. I was giving her space to make her own choices. I was setting her up to play and learn independently, while other things required my attention.

But she was on my mind the whole time. I was always completely aware of her — listening for her, watching her from a distance, smiling while she played and laughed.

I heard her get into little squabbles with her brother. I heard her complain. I waited to see what she would do on her own.

And I did the laundry.

But then I heard her cry out in pain. She called for me.

Without a second thought, I dropped the laundry on the floor and ran to her. I scooped her up, kissed her throbbing knee, calmed her, and dried her tears.

I didn’t heal the hurt right away.

And my lack of intervention didn’t cause it.

But I was there to hold her as soon as she needed me.

I sat with her, and we rocked together.

And really, I was there all along. Watching, listening, loving her.

Letting her be her own person.

But, even though I had work to do, she was most important all along.

And I know it’s the same with God.

Sure, He has big things to do — God’s own “laundry pile” is high.

Still, even while I’m doing my own thing, making my own choices, being my own person…

He is listening, He’s watching, and He’s loving me.

He’s been there all along, always overjoyed to hold me.

And you.


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