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Our Choices Cause A Ripple

I want to let you in on something that took me too long to learn.

Here it is…

The decisions we believe we’re making for ourselves have always had a ripple effect. They’ve always impacted other people. (And impacted people *impact* people.)

It’s ironic that something invisible is the best illustration of how this works. It’s a virus we can’t see — perhaps along with the choices we CAN — now highlighting this important reality.

The concept is simple; it’s just that it’s not “me-focused,” so the message is the opposite of what we often learn in our culture. It’s a culture of “if you get more, that means I get less” and “there’s not enough for everyone” and — in what may be society’s sneakiest message, because it combines so seamlessly with ego — “I am all-powerful, I’m totally self-sufficient, I’m an island, I’m all I need, and I’m the only one taking care of me.”

The idea goes that if I’m the only one who’s worried about me, and if I’m the only one who played a role in my success or my failure, that is also true of you.

But I have to tell you…this doesn’t reflect what I believe. Not at all. I don’t think we were created to live this way.

What if we started to think about how our decisions affect others? More specifically, what if we started to think about how our decisions affect the most vulnerable among us? What if we walk the walk with Jesus, instead of just talking the talk?

I’d love to see what kind of world this could be.

Remember, we’re in this mess together. And there’s something really beautiful about that.

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