Mamahood | Reflection

Why Won’t You Listen?

I was busy doing all the things this morning. I had enough time to offer an impatient “not right now” and “just wait a little bit.” But I guess I didn’t have enough time to play. I guess I didn’t have enough time to pay attention.

At one point, fed up, I snapped at my son with a question I yell too often: “Why won’t you just listen to me?!”

But this time, I stopped to look at his sweet face. He was sad…dejected. His timid eyes locked with mine. He didn’t even have to say it out loud — I could still hear his question. He was pleading with me silently.

“Mama, why won’t you just listen to me?”


…..and there it was. The lightbulb moment.

The listening starts with me. All he wants is my attention.

What an amazing reminder that a simple second of focusing on someone else’s needs can lead to a major shift in perspective.

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