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Will This Be My Last Chance At Playtime?

“Will you play with me, Mama?”

I’ve always known a day will come when he won’t even ask anymore. But a few days ago, when he asked me to play, something in my heart told me to stop for a second. To take in the moment. To hear what he was asking. To watch what he was doing. And to memorize it all…because it won’t be this way much longer.

So quickly I studied the bridge of his nose and his soft, perfect skin.

The joy in his smile — a smile that hasn’t been wounded by the world just yet.

The sound of his voice.

And the plea in it. Almost asking, “Mama, do you have enough time for me?”

And it’s all changing so quickly… faster than I ever would have expected. I’m telling you, I blinked — I BLINKED — and this child turned five.

I thought of all the moments gone by — of baby coos and sweet stumbles and the first time he recited the alphabet — and I knew this, too, was soon to be a memory.

So I put aside what I was doing, and I played.

And I desperately hope I’ll take the time to play tomorrow…

…if I still have the chance.

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