Middle Grade/Young Adult

The Thousand Years is a novel nearing completion. It’s a stunning tale of lasting sorrow, the brokenness that connects us, the destructive and healing powers of time, and the deep love and truth that transcend all we see and believe.

Gretchen lives in an idyllic place, in the middle of a country that no longer exists, at an unknown point in the future. Technology, medicine, and government have long since been abandoned by a society that thrives on peace and simplicity. No one gets sick in this utopia. The water glistens like crystal, while music plays in the air itself. Communities are few and far between. Farmers plant their crops with horses and plows. The work and its bounty are always shared, and so are the laughter, the struggles, the faith, and the fortitude.

While the pain and the poisons of the past — the wars, the hunger, the hatred, the maladies — are all but totally forgotten, one long-kept secret may be the catalyst in destroying the beautiful life Gretchen’s people have built together. In the meantime, in that broken, distant past, following a mass shooting at Kent State and in the midst of a war in Vietnam, the best and the brightest are working tirelessly to reach this perfect, if aimless, future.

When the ambitious past literally catches up in time with a future that moves at its own languid pace, Gretchen discovers that secrets are not the only things buried in history. When her father, the community leader, goes missing, she is believed to be the key to his capture and to her community’s cooperation…or undoing. Fighting both her instincts and her heart, Gretchen bonds with an unlikely ally in an effort to discover why the people of the past have arrived here and now — and why they have a score to settle. 

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When the people you trust are burying the truth…

you can stay silent, or you can stand for what’s right. 

When your heart is divided over a long-time confidant and a mysterious enemy…

you can forge a new path, or fight to fix the broken road.

When everything you love is threatened by the powerful and cold…

you can run, or you can resist.

Children’s Books

When Iris Rescued One is an inventive story for young readers. There’s something extraordinary about every child, and for Iris, it’s the ability to see what other children so often overlook in an ever-changing, ever-bigger, ever-more convenient world: imaginary friends. When Iris notices that all the imaginary friends are disappearing, she sets off on an adventure, determined to save just one. What she discovers is that we are better together. Together, we can do anything. And when we work together, the world is far less lonely.

Dream Chaser is a unique children’s series, following children from year 1 to year 5. The first book in the series, a sweet and compelling bedtime tale, is written specifically for one-year-olds and the people who love them. The series will follow children as they grow and celebrate yearly milestones.

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