You’re Always Going To Be Too *Something* For Somebody

Truth time?

You’re always going to be too much or too little for somebody. So am I. So is everyone else.

Just don’t let that somebody be you. Don’t believe those little lies.

Sometimes you’re gonna look in the mirror and convince yourself you’re too wrinkled. And it might make you wonder when you got so old.

Remind yourself that so many of those wrinkles were born of laughter, even though some were surely worried or cried into being. Tell yourself they all came from the years, and the roads, and the stories that make up a beautiful life.

That makes them kind of incredible, doesn’t it? So you’re not too wrinkled after all. You’re wrinkled just the right amount.

Sometimes you’ll feel like your skin is holding lead inside. At some point, it got to be too hard to carry all that weight.

But that’s the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s not your body that feels too heavy. No, it’s your body that’s just strong enough to help you lug the world around like a champion.

You get to guide this narrative, Sis. It’s your story, after all.

And I know it’s not easy — I know how it feels.

Your anxiety might make you feel like you’re too much sometimes…and not enough at others.

Sometimes you’ll wonder why you were so loud. You’ll go over it and over it in your mind. And sometimes you’ll kick yourself for staying too quiet.

You might let someone make you feel like you’re too weird, while others might say you’re too vanilla.

What I’m saying is, there will always be someone — someone you love, or maybe a stranger, or even an entire flippin’ society — to decide you’re too *this* or too *that.*

And when you hear enough of these messages, they become the voices in your head. They turn into an inner monologue. The narrative becomes one of shame and pain and guilt and loathing, while you’re just desperately trying to fix every *this* and *that* about you. Everything that you’ve decided is too much or too little. And it can change from day to day — even minute to minute. How are you supposed to keep up?

So please don’t let it happen.

Please don’t fall into this pattern of self-doubt.

Please don’t let other voices drown out the whispers that say you’re an absolute masterpiece.

Please don’t spend the precious moments critiquing who you are, what you said, why you did what you did, or how you looked.

It’s all a part of your story…every bit of it, on any given day. It’s all integral to the plot.

And ultimately, it’s this world that’s too much and yet sometimes not enough. It’s society’s expectations that are too often out of reach…and that other times fall remarkably short.

But YOU, my friend?

You’re not too much, and you’re not too little.

You’re not too old, and you’re not too young.

You’re not too big or too small…too loud or too quiet…too sensitive or too stoic.

You’re not too anxious, and you’re not too darn collected.

You’re not too good, and you are never EVER not good enough.

You’re not too wild, and you’re anything but ho-hum.

You are YOU.

And every little piece of you is essential to your exceptional design.

If you don’t love all of your pieces, put the time and effort into making a change — adjust either the piece or the perspective. Fix the flaws if you need to. Always right the wrongs.

But YOU get to decide.

And I need you to decide you’re already enough. Just as you are. Always and every time.

You’re better than enough, actually.

You’re gosh darn spectacular.

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